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And came back to Junk Mail...thank lj. :D

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Um, I can't say anything more than "YAY!!!" 

And to borrow an ending phrase from the late, great Orson Welles,

"Your obedient servant",


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I'm so looking forward to this one...is it Friday yet?

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Where do you call home?
For me, home is where I am not. When I am in Seattle, I feel like Salem is home, and when I am in Salem, and I feel like Seattle is home. I think it's because I remember the great things about each place. I remember the people and places I love. Maybe the memories are idealized, and when I am there, I realize that ideal and real are pretty different.  My faith tells me that I am not made for this place, so I look forward to my "real" home. (sigh) Someday.

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What makes a hero?
 If Monk is any indication of what makes a hero, it's doing what you are afraid to do because it needs to be done. If Disher is an indication of what makes a hero, it's doing what needs to be done without thinking - and some great pajamas help too. If Natalie is an indicaiton of what makes a hero, it's patience, unconditional love and sacrafice. If Stottlemeyer is an indicaiton of what makes a hero - it's taking a stand and not backing down. (+ a boss moustache).

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I've not picked up the book yet, but I used to read the New Teen Titans (an 80''s comic book) back in the day. To read the reviews that are posted, you'd think that fanboys didn't like, y'know, hot women, action sequences, or explosions. I guess that changed since I was a li'l fangirl and hung out w/ the fan boys in the comic shops.

I read one review that said that they were shocked that a teenaged girl (Raven) would (gasp) show part of her thong underwear in public...so what part of 1995 are they rejecting? I suspect that the negative reviews are more about the team behind the book than the actual book itself. I hope that these reviewers stop taking "Titans #1" so friggen seriously.
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Goin' home on Saturday for a ten day vacation. Ahhh good times. 

Hope to spend all of Christmas day watching "A Christmas Story" and maybe some Charlie Brown Christmas.
Love yah all. 


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Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat. And w/ so many pies and cakes, so am I. 

It's been a pretty crazy week. I'm planning to spend Christmas with my best friend, and to visit my family. Hope all goes well, as I am poor. I plan to knit most of my gifts. (Any ideas on what I can knit my dad - who really doesn't wear hats or gloves.) 

Anyway, have a happy day. 

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 Hi. Wow. Two days in a row. 

Didn't see Golden Compass. Glad to see I wasn't alone. 

I also love MST3K. Just thought I'd mention that.

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Hey all. I'm still here. And I plan to update this blog periodically...It's been weeks I know.

The Monk Christmas special was awsome.  I love me some Randy Disher in his red sweater.

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